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Workshop Show & Tell Share-a-thon

5 Jun

One of the specific goals that I like to achieve during any workshop is that the participants do lots of the work! 😉

One of the ways we can achieve this is to use the wealth of experience that you (the delegates) bring to the table and have ideas, techniques and strategies shared amongst everyone else who is present.

This year will be no exception and I am asking you to bring TWO activities with you to share with the group. The floor is wide open here, and absolutely anything that you find useful could come to the fore. It would be great if we could actually see a few labs and demos (I can supply equipment and chemicals), but I’m also talking about worksheets, You Tube video clips, group activities, strategies, question sources, web sites, texts or anything at all that you use with your AP chemistry classes that helps you and the kids achieve meaningful learning.

We’ll need some kind of digital format for the things you share, either in the form of a document, web link, blog post or some other shareable item, so please think about that aspect as well. The digital angle will allow us to collect all of the ideas in a single place, and build a small depository of ideas from the two workshops.

I really need to know about what you are planning to share in advance, so please shoot me an email ahead of time with a few details. A few words will do, but we need a digital reference of some kind (either a digital copy of the material or web link etc.), and if you would like to share a demo or lab (hopefully a few of you will), a list of chemicals & equipment. Thanks for taking care of this.