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Directions and Parking

26 Jun

You are most likely to be entering campus at the front gate (E2 on the map).

Follow the road on to campus, passing tennis courts on your right, before crossing a small bridge. Stay straight (but bearing slightly to the left) at the first STOP sign (G5 on the map).

Go up the small hill and at the next STOP sign (H6.3 on the map), turn right.

After approx. one hundred yards or so, you will see a large parking lot to your left – park in there.

We are meeting in R300, on the third floor of Robinson Hall (G7 on the map), the first building to the left of Adams Gate.

Paperless Workshop!

25 Jun

I am attempting a paperless workshop for the first time this year, so please make sure you are bringing your laptops. I have a few options to cover a few missing computers, but not many!

Of course, if need be I can generate some hard-copy versions of documents, but I would appreciate a heads-up if you are sure you will be without a computer. Thanks.

Workshop Show & Tell Share-a-thon

5 Jun

One of the specific goals that I like to achieve during any workshop is that the participants do lots of the work! 😉

One of the ways we can achieve this is to use the wealth of experience that you (the delegates) bring to the table and have ideas, techniques and strategies shared amongst everyone else who is present.

This year will be no exception and I am asking you to bring TWO activities with you to share with the group. The floor is wide open here, and absolutely anything that you find useful could come to the fore. It would be great if we could actually see a few labs and demos (I can supply equipment and chemicals), but I’m also talking about worksheets, You Tube video clips, group activities, strategies, question sources, web sites, texts or anything at all that you use with your AP chemistry classes that helps you and the kids achieve meaningful learning.

We’ll need some kind of digital format for the things you share, either in the form of a document, web link, blog post or some other shareable item, so please think about that aspect as well. The digital angle will allow us to collect all of the ideas in a single place, and build a small depository of ideas from the two workshops.

I really need to know about what you are planning to share in advance, so please shoot me an email ahead of time with a few details. A few words will do, but we need a digital reference of some kind (either a digital copy of the material or web link etc.), and if you would like to share a demo or lab (hopefully a few of you will), a list of chemicals & equipment. Thanks for taking care of this.

Please take a moment to complete the (very brief) Pre-Workshop Survey

22 May

These few questions will help me fine-tune some of our activities, and as a result hopefully better meet your wants and needs. Thanks for taking the time.

Click here to go to the survey.

Things to bring to the workshop

21 May

There are only a couple of things that you need to bring with you to the workshops.

A laptop or iPad will be a very useful tool. The likelihood is that we will have a few machines that we can loan you over the course of the workshop, but it would be more convenient for you if you could bring your own. This is NOT a deal-breaker if you cannot provide your own, it’s just that it will make your life a little easier if you can.

Secondly, I will be asking each participant to bring a few items to share. These may take the form of labs, worksheets, activities or general ideas, and I will be in touch about some more specific things closer to the date of the workshop.

Confirmed Workshop Participants

21 May

In order to put everyone in touch with one another, I wanted to list the participants and where they are from. We have an excellent mix of different levels of AP experience, public and private school teachers, ladies and gentlemen and generally diverse backgrounds, so it should make for a really rich experience for all. Here are the lists so far;

SESSION #1: June 27-29 (Spaces still available)

  • Marla Hatfield, Lanier High School, GA
  • Melanie Lee, Winter Park High School, FL
  • Stephanie Raney, Jersey Village High School, TX
  • Paul Hessler, Yorktown High School, VA
  • Deborah Hipp, Woodstock High School, GA
  • Beth Howd, Providence Christian Academy, GA
  • Frances Tolley, Hurricane High School, WV

SESSION #2: July 16-18 (Now CLOSED)

  • Sean Vick, Clinton High School, SC
  • Michele Lumsden, John P. Stevens High School, NJ
  • Rosemarie Pittenger, John P. Stevens High School, NJ
  • Gary Bunch, Holmes Senior High, KY
  • Erica Peddi, Campbell High School, GA
  • Ruth McMichens, Randolph School, AL
  • Michele Richards, Manchester High School, VA
  • Paul Cohen, Yeshivah of Flatbush, NY
  • Donna Deis, Clay High School, FL
  • Vaughn Vick, Spartanburg High School, SC
  • Steve Coulombe, Valley View High, CA
  • Laurie Karickhoff, Forsyth Central High School, GA
  • Kelli Schuyler, Forsyth Central High School, GA
  • Brian Brown, Hononegah High School, IL
  • Constance Brown, Northwest High School, TN

New, additional dates added! (6/27-6/29)

13 May

Due to the first workshop filling so quickly, we have added additional dates of 6/27-6/29. Both workshops will be facilitated by me.

Twitter Hash Tag for the Workshop is #cftapchem12

7 May

If you are tweeting about the CFT AP Workshop 2012, please use hash tag, #cftapchem12.

CFT AP Chemistry Workshop 2011 – REDUX

2 May

Although the CFT AP Chemistry Workshop has run for a number of years, last year (2011), was the first time that I recorded the event in a small blog. I am hoping to expand the blog coverage here a little this year. In the meantime you can take a look at the modest blogging related to the 2011 workshop.

CFT AP Chemistry Workshop Summer 2012 – WELCOME!

2 May


This is the virtual home of the AP Chemistry workshop course that I (Adrian Dingle), will be running as part of The Westminster Schools’, Center For Teaching (CFT), Summer Institute in Atlanta, GA between 6/27/12 – 6/29/12 and  7/16/12 – 7/18/12.

On the blog I will post information about the course and invite contributions from the delegates and others. Please join the conversation!