Workshop #1, Day 3 Re-cap

6 Jul

The final day started with at look at the new curriculum. In a nutshell, I feel that by far the biggest hurdle for chemistry teachers is going to be satisfying the audit process, and then making ethical decisions about what follows in their class. Although there have been some changes to content, I really don’t see how the content has been significantly reduced, and on top on the emphasis on inquiry, I find this all a little disturbing.

The second activity of the day was a look at an old favorite, Carolina Biological’s, Periodic Table Simulator. I like to show people this activity, since it has applications outside of the AP classroom, and it fills a void in a topic where there are precious few activities available.

Periodic Table Activity

Periodic Table Activity

The 2012 Reading Notes and Comments were next up. I have a few connections that over the years have be generous enough to pass information on to me about the reading, and I usually compile them into a single document. The combination of that document, with a copy of the questions and my draft answers, usually provokes some interesting discussions – this year was no exception.

Next up was Big Five #4, Electrochemistry – plus FRQ writing to go with it.

More Labs

More Labs

After lunch we discussed some common AP chemistry misconceptions. I developed this document from John Gelder’s original 2006 PowerPoint presentation, and subsequent discussions with him. Always an enlightening conversation.

The final part of the day was spent reviewing a selection of lab kits donated by some of the chemical supply companies.

Investigating Lab Activities

Investigating Lab Activities

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